Alyssa Wisenbaugh


We will work with you on location, vendor selection, aesthetics, stationery, florals, cake flavors, the list continues.. We are here to be your point of contact through each and every service for your big day. We will assist in coordination, lead the creative direction of every visual component, handle your budget, and streamline the entire process as well as the day itself. We believe your wedding should be a truly unique experience, one that creates personally designed memories crafted just for you and your guests.


A step below our full planning offering, and only inclusive of the visual aesthetics of your event. We take pride in creating full on experiences for our clients and their guests and feel that the details in the design do just that. We work to source the perfect table and chairs, the perfect textural linen, floral selection( Auturel's floral services are included in this package) you name it. We will work alongside you to define your style and each and every visual detail it takes to make your wedding a truly unforgettable experience.


Thats right y'all...just the florals. Our florals are designed in house, incorporating natural movement, texture, and lush blooms with transitional tones. We source our florals locally when we can and from family run farms when available. We encourage our clients to look outside of the traditional wedding floral scope, to define their own aesthetic and to incorporate installation pieces whenever possible. Our current rental inventory is open to our floral clients, with rental charges only being applied when new or extra vases are required.


For the client who plans to tackle the planning and design themselves or the budget conscience who simply needs a little organization and direction. We get it, planning a wedding is stressful and overwhelming. We are here to guide you through the pages of Pinterest and the endless information packed websites with a bit more intimacy and guidance than a google search.  We will work to conceptualize and bring your vision to fruition, allowing you, your family, and your guests to worry about nothing more than celebrating and experiencing everything you have worked so hard to provide them with.

"I was never worried about anything she was working on for our wedding which was huge in such a stressful time of my life. She kept some design elements a secret for the day of the wedding and it made it SO special. I can't say enough positive things about her. I recommend her to everyone."