Given the many printing options available, we have revised our offerings to include only those we work with often and which pairs best with our design aesthetic. Depending on your colors, theme, and personal style, we can work together with you to advise you on which technique will work best for you. Already know which you prefer? Great, we can't wait to hear all about it!



Flat printing is a high quality digital printing technique, which merits the strongest color payoff and is beneficial when working with artwork such as watercolor or acrylic. Flat printing is also our most modestly priced printing option, which allows for extreme versatility and room for additional elements such as wax seals, hand dyed ribbon, etc.


Foil pressing uses a die plate (typically made of copper) and presses the foil sheet into the paper. This is the only technique we use to achieve a metallic look, excluding hand inking. Although there are plenty of colors available, the most common foil colors we use are gold, silver and copper. We typically work with designs that incorporate foil atop flat print or hand washed watercolor underneath.


Letterpress is an old technique, which uses photopolymer plates that are inked and stamped directly into, yet into, the paper. This indentation is what creates the tactile quality unlike that of flat printing. Just as foil, letterpress can be combined with flat printing to create a beautifully pressed invitation suite.