Rebrand Photoshoot


The second phase of what once was The Wise Creative is here and I am so excited to share my traditions, musings, and everything in between. This journal will not be specifically wedding focused, but will touch on everything we find joy in...florals, food, beauty, design, you name it.


I am very much a believer in generalizing over specializing and feel that Auturel is not just a floral and event company, but a brand that women can truly identify with. A brand that can inspire and can light a fire deep within your soul. A brand that you want to be a part of weather you are a future bride, whether you are already married or have no intent to be


 There are traditions with shared meals, beauty in florals, and an art in thoughtful living. So welcome to my company, my brand, my life.

Creative Direction, Styling, Floral Design, Stationery - Auturel

Model - Kara Biondo

Photographer- Paige Gabert

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