Welcome to Auturel


You may have noticed we have been MIA from this site for quite some time. Along with moving to our new temporary home in Grand Rapids we have renamed and rebranded what was once The Wise Creative to Auturel. As I really dug into the heart of what I want this company to be, I continued to emphasize on my love of simple and natural elements. Whether literally, theoretically, or aesthetically, I believe there can be a natural approach to every facet of life. Thus Au Naturel was blended to form Auturel; a brand representing the love of simplistic intention. In what may be the most noticeable consistency within our company (our primary color) Dusty Rose; was derived from the paint code for the 1957 Ford Thunderbird, the most famous of my late Grandfathers classic car collection; and the last to remain within my family. I hope you enjoy these new updates as we do, and are able to see a bit of yourselves within the heart of Auturel. 


This site is best viewed on a computer screen so I encourage you to put the phone down, scroll around, and let us know what you think.



- Alyssa

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